How to Find Africa Air Travel Deals

South Africa is the most developed part of Africa with a very strong economy. As a result, most flights to and from the continent of Africa go through a location in South Africa.

The most used airports for international flights in South Africa are Cape Town International and Tambo International Airport located in Johannesburg labiaga travel.

Low cost airlines such as Kulula, Mango and 1 Time are generally the less expensive alternatives as far as air travel goes. You can use online resources to compare their prices. It may also be worthwhile to compare them with South African Airlines which is a larger airline.

SAA sometimes has online specials. Lots of the local airlines have special/discounted rates if you book your flight directly from their website. The “E-Ticket” option usually works out cheaper so you will not get a printed ticket but instead you just have to check in on the day of the flight.

One thing to deeply consider is the fact that cheaper flights tend to skimp on certain comforts and conveniences of more expensive alternatives. Examples include not providing food as this is one way that the airline saves money. When a flight is long, then this may prove to be problematic to most people.

It is advised to book flights at least a couple months in advance as there are not many airlines to choose from that prove to be reliable. This is especially true during the Christmas Season. Seats are filled rapidly in comparison to other global destinations.

If you are working with a travel agency then ask to be put on a flight from Europe to Africa and then add on a flight from the U.S. This may prove to be effective in saving money during off-peak times of the year when airfares between Europe and the U.S. are cheaper. The off-peak months include November to mid-December and January to March. Direct flights from the U.S. to Africa sometimes work out to be more expensive. The other alternative which involves going through Europe can save you big bucks since U.S. to Africa flights are few and far between and they fill up very fast.

A great piece of advice in choosing a travel agent is to ensure that they specialize in international travel or adventure travel. Booking flights similar to the one I proposed above can be tricky to co-ordinate but an experienced travel agent can work with you to grab the best deals and give good advice which will help you to save money.

It is recommended to use your frequent flier miles on your ticket even if it will only cover a portion of the cost. Even in the case where your airline does not fly directly to Africa then you may be able to use your miles to get to Europe after which you can try to book a cheaper flight there.

To sum up, it is cheaper to book your flight directly with the airline or through their website. Some of the African airlines are reputable and cheaper but it should be known that you may experience a lower degree of service when flying on these cheaper alternatives.

Also, an experienced travel agent will take the worry out of booking those more complicated flights.

Finally, use your frequent flier miles if you can to help cut costs.

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