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Trading the forex market is not difficult. But to make consistent profits in the forex market is almost an uphill task for many traders. Note that only about 5% of forex traders really make big money. This enhances the importance of putting up a forex trading strategy.

A forex trading strategy has to be prepared before a trader can be generally successful. Many jump into forex without having a proper backup plan in advance. This may lead to significant losses.

A simple basic strategy is to trade during trending, range bound, short term, long term or even scalping. However actual trading involves more than these simple strategies. Other factors have to be considered to improve your chances of making profits.

To plan a forex trading strategy, a trader needs to analyze many factors. These include statistical data, technical or fundamental analysis and past and current developments.

Technical analysis is based specifically on interpretation of technical data. The huge volume of data and sudden changes in trends and fluctuations in the prices of currencies make it almost impossible for anyone to have the capability to put a specific trading strategy together in a very short time.

Fortunately, the availability of many software trading tools can assist the trader to formulate better forex trading strategy. They make it much easier to trade online in the forex market. Some of the generally accepted tools are already incorporated into the trading interface provided by the forex broker.

However, due to the volatile fluctuations, many traders also acquire specific software that will automate their trading processes. These automated forex trading software analyze the influx of data and automatically set up their specific trading strategies and execute it on autopilot.

Some generate specific signals for the trader to take the necessary actions. Others execute an entry or exit based on their own analytical strategies and execute a trade without even informing the trader.

There are many types of automated forex software in the market. Many are very interesting while others may not be worth considering at all. So test out these software before committing to one.

Besides technical data, another critical aspect called fundamental analysis is equally important. Fundamental analysis is based more on global economics, trade issues and governmental matters affecting the financial market. These factors can change a market trend immediately.

A simple announcement of an upcoming event or the release of trade data statement can send the currency prices soaring to a new high or plunging to a low within an instant.

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